Report: No Man’s Sky Review Copies Might Not Be Going Out Prior to Launch (Update)


Open Critic is now saying that review copies are planned to go out later this week, but no copies have been received yet:

PSA 2: We can confirm that there are advanced review copies planned for No Man’s Sky later this wk. We’ll post the embargo once they go out.

Key word: “planned.” As in “plans change.” No copies in the hands of reviewers yet.

Original Story:

According to review aggregator Open Critic, No Man’s Sky review copies may not be going out until launch next week.

In their first in a series of tweets, Open Critic said several publications have told them that they aren’t receiving review copies ahead of No Man’s Sky’s August 9 release date:

PSA: Several publications, incl some large ones, have reported to us that they won’t be receiving No Man’s Sky review copies prior to launch

In some follow-up tweets, Open Critic clarified that this only applies to pre-release review copies, and it’s possible early copies could still go out, they just haven’t heard anything to the contrary yet:

Clarifying three points: 1) There will be review copies for No Man’s Sky. Previous tweet specifically about advanced copies (pre-launch)

2) There is no statistical basis for this being a bad sign. DOOM and other titles also didn’t issue advanced copies.

3) There COULD be advanced copies… Just many of our sources reported they weren’t getting them. None have reported to us they have.

Lesson for us: don’t try to use Twitter to convey nuanced info. Please read original tweet carefully before rushing to “no review copies”

If review copies of No Man’s Sky truly aren’t being sent out early, it’s likely in an attempt to prevent spoilers. Last week, Hello Games’ Sean Murray said, “We’ve spent years filling No Man’s Sky with surprises. You’ve spent years waiting. Please don’t spoil it for yourself :(. Take a break from reading about it, and picking vids apart. You can experience for yourself so soon.”

You can see the full Trophy list for No Man’s Sky over here.

Would a lack of reviews for No Man’s Sky impact your decision to buy the game?

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