Sean Murray Asks People to Experience No Man’s Sky for Themselves

With No Man’s Sky set to release very, very soon, it’s understandable that people are grabbing at every video and impression piece that they can to get a better understanding of what to expect from Hello Games’ upcoming sci-fi exploration game.

Having said that, Hello Games boss Sean Murray has now taken to Twitter to ask people to experience No Man’s Sky for themselves, and to not spoil it by checking every video that’s out there, and for the unavoidable leaks.

In case you don’t want to heed Murray’s advice, you can check out the latest No Man’s Sky trailer right here. Or better yet, go read up on its storied development by our own Michael Briers.

No Man’s Sky will be out this August 9 on the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for our review.

[Source: Sean Murray (Twitter)]