Activision Posts Update on Marvel Ultimate Alliance, DLC Will Be Free

Activision has addressed the issues facing the current-gen ports of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Ultimate Alliance 2.

In a statement relayed by Eurogamer, the publisher confirmed that fixes are on the way, and that plans are in place for the DLC to be rolled out as a free update for all platforms in the coming weeks. No exact release timeline was revealed, though we’ll keep you posted as more information comes to light. 

For now, Activision’s response: 

“Both the standalone and bundled versions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 feature all of its original DLC. We are still working on making the DLC for the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance available in the coming weeks as a free update for everyone who has purchased the title on these platforms alone or as part of the bundle.

“We’re focused on identifying and fixing the issues that have been occurring. Thank you for your continued patience as we address these issues.”

Citing a lack of polish and some glaring bugs, Digital Foundry has also posted its detailed analysis of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel, noting that, “the original Ultimate Alliance disappoints here with uncapped frame-rates that provide a highly inconsistent gameplay experience. The game does hit 60fps in scenes with little in the way of geometry detail and effects, but this level of performance doesn’t last for long.”

Both Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Ultimate Alliance 2 were ported to PS4 late last month. Have you encountered any of the aforementioned issues? 

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