No Man’s Sky Review Embargo Lifts on Monday, August 8 (Update)

Update 2:

According to a statement from Sony we received, the review embargo will lift at 9pm PT today/12am ET on August 9.


Sony has confirmed to Game Informer and Jim Sterling that they aren’t sending out No Man’s Sky review copies until after the day one update is available. Currently, the review copies are expected to arrive on Monday, one day ahead of the North American PlayStation 4 launch.

As for the “unsanctioned copies” out there being streamed by gamers and media, Game Informer says that it seems like Sony is aggressively pursuing them.

Original Story:

Although they haven’t received their copy yet, VideoGamer has revealed that the No Man’s Sky review embargo lifts on Tuesday, August 9 at 4am BST, which equates to 8pm PT/11pm ET on Monday, August 8.

VideoGamer adds that they’re receiving their review copy on Monday, August 8, and that date is “in line with what we’ve heard from others.” However, it seems Polygon has their review copy already, as they’ve been streaming the first hour of the game on PlayStation 4.

As Open Critic explained on Twitter, review embargoes can benefit everyone involved:

99% of major titles have a review embargo. They’re beneficial to all parties, including consumers.

Without an embargo, critics are [incentivized] to rush to publish. Embargo forces them to take their time.

No Man’s Sky releases on August 9 in North America and August 10 in Europe for PlayStation 4, and on August 12 for PC.

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