The MMO Market is Bigger Than Ever, Says BioWare Dev

BioWare’s James Ohlen, Director of Star Wars: The Old Republic, has said that the MMO market has significantly expanded and if Tom Clancy’s The Division and Destiny are any indication, it’s incredibly popular now. Speaking to MCV, Ohlen said that people often misunderstand what the genre consists of today.

The MMO genre is much bigger than it ever has been before – it’s just that people misunderstand what the genre actually consists of now.

If you think about it, everyone thought about [MMOs] as hardcore PC games, but the genre now includes two of the biggest new IP launches of the last three or four years – The Division and Destiny. Both are MMO games, they just don’t call themselves that.

Ohlen went on to say that MMOs can be found on smartphones now as well and are no longer merely associated with PC.

If you’re familiar with MMOs and play them, you know that’s exactly what they are. It’s expanded into mobile games, you have a lot of games that are essentially MMOs on smartphones. It’s just expanded beyond the classic PC MMO. 

Both The Divison and Destiny were record-breaking commercial successes.

[Source: MCV]