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Bethesda’s Pete Hines on Hello Games Struggling With No Man’s Sky Leaks: “I feel for Them”

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has said that he “feels” for Hello Games as the studio struggles to deal with the ongoing No Man’s Sky leaks. At QuakeCon 2016, he spoke to GameInformer and likened the leaks to someone opening your Christmas presents a week early but said that fans aren’t to blame for stores that decide to break street dates.

I don’t think people realize how upsetting this is. And how much it bothers and hurts the devs, and all of us. Someone asked me on Fallout 4, ‘What’s it like watching somebody play your game before launch on streams? I guess it must be like watching someone open presents before Christmas Day.’ No. It’s like watching somebody else open your Christmas presents a week before Christmas. That’s what it really feels like. You put years of your life and energy into something and somebody goes and gets it early and, regardless of whether there’s a day one patch or not, it sucks.

As for the No Man’s Sky folks, I feel for them, and for any dev that has to go through it. It really sucks. It’s not the fans fault that the store decided to sell it. If I walked into a store and they said, ‘Here’s Dishonored 2,’ yeah, I would want to play that.

Quite a few people are of the view, however, that folks purchasing games early isn’t as much of a problem as it is them streaming the games and spoiling them for others.

What do our readers think of Hines’ remarks?

[Source: GameInformer]