Visual Novel Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Coming to PS4/Vita on Disc and Digitally

Sekai Project has announced that it’s bringing the visual novel Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in the West in 2017. The news was announced during Otakon 2016 where the company also announced a digital version via PlayStation Store and limited physical copies via Limited Run Games. Narcissu, which was successfully Kickstarted last year, includes four games in the anthology alongside two short stories:

  • Sumire – An entirely new chapter in the series.
  • Zero – The origin story of the 7th Floor
  • A Little Iris – A separate side story set in medieval Europe
  • Himeko’s Epilogue – A short epilogue for Narcissu 2
  • BONUS – “1980” – An extra short story by Tomo Kataoka
  • BONUS – “1993” – Another extra short story by Tomo Kataoka, along with “1980” they are considered by Mr. Kataoka to be the spiritual ‘roots’ of Narcissu.


Sekai partnered with series creator, Stage-nana, on the project. According to an official description, Narcissu is a Japanese visual novel series “with no choices that explores themes about terminal illness, and the relationship between the living and the dying.”

You can find more info via its Kickstarter page here.