Narcissu Vita

Narcissu Vita Release May Not Be Happening

Sekai Project, the American publisher known both translating Japanese visual novels for English-speaking audiences and releasing English ones, showed off its line-up of about a half of a dozen games for 2019. One of these titles caught the attention of some fans who have been following the game’s journey to the west. Narcissu was previously listed for a PlayStation 4 and Vita release back in the summer of 2016. Now, Lumiere Eternelle Edition is only shown with a planned 2019 PS4 and Nintendo Switch release. The Narcissu Vita version is nowhere to be seen. Neither Sekai Project nor Limited Run Games have said outright that Narcissu won’t be released on the Vita. However, it looks like the collection’s handheld home will be on the Switch.

Previously seen on Kickstarter as the Narcissu 10th Anniversary AnthologyNarcissu Lumiere Eternelle Edition is a collection of all of the games that make up the Narcissu series. The Narcissu games are a unique collection of visual novels that follow the stories of several different hospital patients, each with some form of a terminal illness. You can’t save them or change the outcome of their illness in any way, but the player can help them find peace and let go of their regrets before they pass. The games are consistently set in the hospice ward up on the seventh floor of a hospital.

What do you think of this news? Were you excited to play the game on your Vita, or are you fine with living the stories on the PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments below!