Trine Developer Frozenbyte Announces Nine Parchments for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Frozenbyte, the developer behind the Trine series, announced Nine Parchments today. A co-operative blast-em-up game, it’s expected to release in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Nine Parchments follows a group of drop-out wizard apprentices who decide to skip their training in an effort to get a quick path to the Nine Parchments – a set of spells that normally take at least nine years to learn.

Here’s the list of features, as they appear on the Steam page:

  • Top-down chaos action with a crazy amount of different spells
  • 1-4 Players, online and local co-op
  • Roguelike progression, randomly generated monsters
  • Unlockable characters and items
  • Frighteningly powerful spells: Projectile, DoT, AOE, Beam, Spray and Physical spell types
  • Five spell elements: Fire, Ice, Life, Death, Electric

Answering a question about Nine Parchments’ multiplayer, Frozenbyte said, “Yes, you can have 2 local players and 2 online players in the same game!”

As for the single-player content, they said, “There is single-player in Nine Parchments, it’s 1-4 players officially. so you can play in single-player as well (enemies/difficulty etc will adjust accordingly). Nine Parchments is the kind of game that shines in co-op but it should be enjoyable in single-player too.”

The early alpha version of Nine Parchments will be playable at gamescom this week.

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