PS4 Slim Still Popping up on eBay, CEX Auction Sites

Over the weekend, a PS4 Slim appeared on UK auction site Gumtree, complete with photos lending to its authenticity. The unannounced device sold for £300, and now it’s surfacing on eBay as well as UK used good online retailer, CEX.

If you do a search for the PS4 Slim on either auction site, you may notice that there are no listings for it as Sony has hit these sites rather hard. CEX was offering to buy the PS4 Slim for £304, but their selling price was £380, which is roughly $500. On eBay, the consoles were listed for £500 and £400. All of the other auctions that were waiting for first bids have since been removed, save for those who are a little more creative with their wording.

Sony has been working overtime to keep this under wraps, presumably because they were going to officially announce it at their PlayStation Meeting on September 6, 2016. The sellers on Gumtree have claimed that the PS4 Slim will hit the worldwide market on September 14, 2016, not long after this meeting. Sony is also expected to reveal the PlayStation 4 Neo at this time.

This is already appearing to fall in the same footsteps as the PSP Go, which was, as Kaz Hirai put it, “the worst kept secret.” If this was going to be the star of their PlayStation Meeting, which it better not have been, they better pull something else together in a hurry.

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