Report: PS4 Slim Will Support 5GHz WiFi

Now that a few PS4 Slims have made their way out into the wild already, even though Sony still hasn’t officially revealed the device, we’re learning quite about about the Slim’s features aside from thinness. For instance, it appears that the PS4 Slim supports 5GHz WiFi networks. The current model supports 2.4 GHz. 

Why is this potentially important? Gamers who prefer online play but cannot use a direct Ethernet port prefer 5GHz due to the better performance with staying online. Most modern routers support 5GHz, and those who play multiplayer on PC pretty much demand this support for better online functionality. If this report is true, then Sony may have provided quite the incentive to upgrade to the Slim, especially those who play plenty of multiplayer games. 

All we have thus far for proof are the following images tweeted by shortman82, who has obtained a PS4 Slim. The first image is a screenshot of the “View Connection Status” screen in the Network menu. The key item of note is the “Wi-Fi Frequency Band in Use” line, which is new for this screen. The next image is of the user manual for the console, which specifically mentions 5GHz wireless connectivity.

PS4 Slim network status

PS4 Slim manual

We’ll know more for sure come September 7, 2016 at the highly anticipated PlayStation Meeting in New York. It’s assumed that Sony will reveal both the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Neo at this time.

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