Ranking the Best and Worst of the Resident Evil Series

Best Resident Evil Games

The 1996 original was a huge success that showed that survival horror games had a real market, and spawned basically yearly installments afterwards. The series would fail to adapt with the times, though, until 2005’s Resident Evil 4. More of an action game, this third-person shooter reinvented the entire series (for better or for worse) and was a classic when it released on GameCube and PlayStation 2.

While the Resident Evil series is diverse and each title has some value to it (except for you, 6), there are definitely some titles that are better than others. With Resident Evil 4 getting a PlayStation 4 release this week, it only made sense to take a look back at Capcom’s legendary series and rank them from  the worst to best Resident Evil games.

Before we get onto the list, here are a few things to consider. First off, only games in the main series were ranked. That means no Umbrella Corps, or the on-rails shooters. Second, and most importantly, there wasn’t some mathematical formula to come up with this list. It’s all just a matter of opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my look at the Resident Evil series. It wasn’t easy to decide which game took top honors, as so many of the titles in the series have their own special place in my heart. You can make a case for several titles as the best Resident Evil games, after all.

In your opinion, which are the best Resident Evil games? Which is the worst entry in the franchise? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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