Early PS4 Slim Consoles in UK Reportedly Came From UAE

PlayStation 4 Slim‘s existence needs no further proof considering all that we’ve already managed to see of it prior to its official announcement and unveiling. Interestingly, the Slim units that are out in the wild seem to be selling in the UK, which took many by surprise considering the region’s track record of adhering to street dates. However, MCV reports that the consoles being sold at CEX, eBay, Gumtree etc actually originated from the UAE. The publication wrote:

A small quantity of units made its way to the UK and was then distributed amongst indie stores and eBay sellers, before making its way onto shelves at second-hand retail specialist CEX.

One retailer even went as far as saying that the company “didn’t even realize this was coming out until it was available to buy online.” “We’ve seen early selling before, but nothing quite like this,” the source added.

PlayStation Meeting is set to take place on September 7 so expect more details next week.

[source: MCV]