The King of Fighters XIV Update 1.02, Connection Fixes & Verse Character Introduced

Despite doing well in our review, impressing us with its generous roster of characters and modes to play, there have been many reports of The King of Fighters XIV suffering from online connection issues. Thankfully SNK has now released a patch with the aim of fixing netcode issues, which a significant number of players have been experiencing.  

The 1.02 patch notes read:

  • Fixed connection slowdown issues in online Ranked Match and Free Match modes
  • Minor bugs fixed

As for how effective the update has been, PVPLIVE has stated that “reports are starting to make their rounds throughout social network circles that King of Fighters XIV has improved tremendously.” EventHubs also reports that they “already had a handful of [their] readers send [them] very positive feedback, saying network connections have drastically improved.” 

With patch 1.02 in effect, the majority of players should be able to enjoy The King of Fighters XIV‘s content in all its glory, including the newly added “Verse” character. This mysterious life form has its own trailer, which you can view just below:

Downloaded the new patch? Experiencing positive results? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to also boast about how you took down Verse!

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