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Here Are All the PS4 Pro 4K Game Trailers With Dev Interviews From This Week’s Event

In case you missed any of the PlayStation 4 Pro 4K video game trailers and developer interviews from this week’s event, PlayStation now has them up on its YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure. Before you do that, though, you’ll need a 4K display device and you’ll have to adjust your YouTube settings accordingly. 

Sony adds a disclaimer mentioning that all displayed images are from PS4 Pro but that features may vary depending on the title and that select features will be dependent on the type of display connected to the console. All developer talks start at the 0.07 mark. If you want to get straight to the gameplay, skip to the marks mentioned below. However, do note that some videos offer segments of gameplay.

For Honor (starts at 7.08)

Days Gone (starts at 3.38)

Mass Effect Andromeda (starts at 0.32)

Rise of the Tomb Raider (starts at 2.08)

Horizon Zero Dawn (starts at 0.52)

Watch Dogs 2 (starts at 2.53 mark)

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