Sony Executive Explains the 8GB of RAM for PS4 Pro

One technical spec that many gamers have pointed out as a flaw in the PS4 Pro is Sony’s decision to keep the RAM at 8GB. One of the PlayStation 3’s biggest issues from last generation was its limited RAM, and PlayStation fans don’t want to see the PS4 Pro falter for a similar reason. The head of the Sony Interactive Entertainment Engineering Division, Masayasu Ito, discussed why the company opted to leave the RAM capacity as it is. 

When changing the memory size, developers would have to fit the larger capacity, which would cause compatibility problems [with the PS4]. So memory capacity has been deferred to 8GB.

Ito went on to say that they have told developers to not develop with the PS4 Pro in mind and to not develop especially for the PS4. Sony really only wants the developers to provide graphic settings appropriate for the PS4 and PS4 Pro. With that in mind, Sony does not want developers to give advantages to PS4 Pro owners over standard PS4 users. He did admit that with the better graphical resolution of the PS4 Pro, it’s possible that PS4 Pro owners will have an advantage over standard users simply because of the hardware. But for the multiplayer portions of games, Ito explained that they are requiring developers to keep the frame-rate the same between the versions, to prevent that particular hardware advantage from damaging the multiplayer experience with PS4 owners.

[Sources: 4Gamer via DualShockers]