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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a PS4 Pro

Just last week, Sony finally revealed the latest iteration of the PlayStation 4 dubbed “PS4 Pro” during its PlayStation Meeting. While the presentation might not have been the home run Sony was expecting, it still managed to get our attention.

In this week’s Top 5 Tuesday video, we list down the top five reasons why you should buy a PS4 Pro. Priced at $399, which was the price of the original PS4, but with more power under the hood, that alone might be enough for some to make the jump. But if you’re on the fence, we list down why buying a PS4 Pro might be worth it — regardless if you already have a PS4 or not.

Do you agree with our list? Did we miss anything big that the PS4 Pro can offer gamers that we didn’t state in the video? Let us know in the comments below. 

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