Mafia III DLC Plans for Free Content and Story Expansions Discussed in New Video

While Mafia III won’t be out until early October, Hangar 13 is already ready to talk about Mafia III DLC plans right now. Now, before anyone freaks out, the studio does talk about free content, so there’s that.

Watch the 13-minute video where Mafia III Community Manager Dave Blank talks with Hangar 13 Studio Lead and Creative Director Haden Blackman “for a look at the free recurring content and story-driven Expansions the team are working to deliver” for Mafia III.

In case you missed it, we reported on the free Mafia III DLC a few weeks ago and some of the stuff mentioned were:

All New Character Outfits

One of the biggest requests we keep getting from you – our fans – is about the ability to change Lincoln’s outfit. This is coming! New outfits will allow you to select a look that suits your tastes and define your take on Lincoln.

New, FREE Weapons

30 days after the game launches, everyone gets the “Judge, Jury and Executioner” golden weapons pack.

MORE Vehicle Customization

Hey, gearheads: We’ll be expanding upon the vehicle upgrades that already exist in Mafia III by adding new customization options. You can cherry out your favorite ride with new wheels, personalized license plates, and paint jobs. And, yes, you will get even more options to boost the performance on your vehicles.


Take your tricked-out fleet into the city and enter a series of races. From there, you can earn money, new customization options for your car, and other awesome rewards. We’ll have more details on exactly how the races will work in the future.

Mafia III will shoot its way out this October 7 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.