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Metro Developer 4A Games Teasing New Title, Check Out the Images

Metro developer, 4A Games, has begun teasing its next title and many think we’re looking at a Sci-Fi VR game. Both images below show a gloved hand, with one of the images appearing to show the hand gripping a weapon. Soon after the images were released, people dissected a 360 image of its office that 4A recently released on Facebook in which you can see VR kits and a counter that seems to point towards the Oculus Connect event due to be held in October. Additionally, people believe the office monitors show some Sci-Fi inspired work alongside the images below hinting at it.

Of course, we’re just guessing and platforms cannot be confirmed until an official unveiling but 4A did announce back in July that it’s working on two projects following a two-year hiatus and that we should expect more details soon. Back in 2014, the developer mentioned that it was working on titles within the Metro universe alongside some unannounced projects.

We’ll update our readers when we have more info.