Final Fantasy XV Director Claims Map Size Is “Incomparable” to Others

As a good game director should, Hajime Tabata can’t stop saying how amazing Final Fantasy XV will be. First he said that the game’s DLC will be “extremely valuable,” and now it’s surfacing that he has said the game’s map size is “incomparable” to other game maps. He explained to Hardcore Gamer that not only will it have an open-world design, but it will take over 100 hours to get through all of the side missions and main missions it has to offer. As such, the game map is different from what they have done in the past, and it’s not that simple to discuss its size.

It’s not going to be a direct answer, unfortunately, because it’s hard to compare, that said, we are developing and creating a game in which you travel or journey by car, so a certain degree of — we did need to create it in a larger scale or a big scale. A certain level of scale was needed in order to create a game that surrounded travel by car.

So even compared to other games, we can definitely say that it’s something that’s incomparable, something new, something that you’ve never experienced before in relation to some of the other games that are already out on the market.

Tabata better watch himself that he doesn’t oversell the game like Final Fantasy XIII was. The game has definitely improved since its demos, as we noted at PAX West, but it’s still in danger of overhype syndrome. 

Final Fantasy XV will release on November 29, 2016. Then we will see exactly how incomparable this map is.

[Sources: Hardcore Gamer via Gamingblot]