Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Trophies Revealed

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is not a sequel or DLC for Until Dawn, but a completely new Until Dawn experience exclusively for PlayStation VR. It’s not even a VR port of the original title; it’s an arcade-style shooter that promises to be as terrifying as the original game.

This VR title’s trophy list has a Platinum and quite the number of trophies. Rush of Blood should prove to be quite the worthy title for the PlayStation VR’s launch.

Platinum: Final Treatment – Collect all trophies


  • Haunted Lodge Survivor – Finish “Haunted Lodge”
  • Nightmare Descent Survivor – Finish “Nightmare Descent”
  • Hotel Hell Survivor – Finish “Hotel Hell”
  • Psycho Cellblock Survivor – Finish “Psycho Cellblock”
  • Ghost Town Survivor – Finish “Ghost Town”
  • Mines of Death Survivor – Finish “Mines of Death”
  • Final Inferno Survivor – Finish “Final Inferno”
  • I bestow this fire-power – Pick up a new weapon
  • Master Arsenal – Pick up all weapons
  • Four Barrel Spray of Death – Dual wield shotguns
  • A Storm of Bullets – Dual wield machine pistols
  • Do you feel lucky? – Dual wield revolvers
  • On a roll – Reach multiplier x4
  • I shoot, therefore I am – Beat a previous set score on a level
  • Barrel of Laughs – Kill 20 enemies with barrels
  • Mostly Armless – Blast off 100 limbs
  • Arachnophobia – Die from spider venom
  • Head Trauma – Die from hitting head on a barrier
  • For My Next Trick – Get killed by a sawblade
  • Nowhere to Hide – Hit three targets with one shot from the revolver
  • Spitting Lead – Hit three or more targets with a blast from the shotgun


  • Haunted Lodge Killer – Finish “Haunted Lodge” on Insane
  • Nightmare Descent Killer – Finish “Nightmare Descent” on Insane
  • Hotel Hell Killer – Finish “Hotel Hell” on Insane
  • Psycho Cellblock Killer – Finish “Psycho Cellblock” on Insane
  • Ghost Town Killer – Finish “Ghost Town” on Insane
  • Mines of Death Killer – Finish “Mines of Death” on Insane
  • Final Inferno Killer – Finish “Final Inferno” on Insane
  • Diagnosis Complete – Finish the story on any difficulty
  • Secret Spotter – Collect all the skittles in one level
  • Unstoppable – Reach multiplier x8
  • Duck Hunter – Shoot all the moving ducks in “Haunted Lodge”
  • Old School – Complete a level using only pistols
  • Won Armed – Complete a level using only one hand
  • Blow Your Mind – Get 100 headshots
  • Dead Eye – Get >80% accuracy on a level
  • Moment of Sanity – See all the “Moment of Sanity” sequences


  • The Nightmare Ends – Finish the story on Psychotic
  • Obsessive Collector – Collect all the skittles

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood will release on October 13, 2016.

[Source: Exophase]