SportsBarVR Brings Darts, Air Hockey, Chess & More to PlayStation VR on October 13

Packing in numerous bar games, SportsBarVR is releasing on October 13 for PlayStation VR, co-developers Cherry Pop Games (Pool Nation VR) and Perilous Orbit announced today. At launch, SportsBarVR will include pool, darts, air hockey, skeeball, shuffleboard, chess, and checkers, with more games to be added after launch.

“Having a full range of games in the bar really lets you explore a lot of VR interactions and levels of gameplay intensity,” Perilous Orbit Creative Director Matthew Kaplan said. “Focused turn-based games like chess, checkers, and our staple, pool, let you take a calm but still physical approach to VR gaming,while games like Air Hockey provide fast back and forth fun.”

SportsBarVR includes single-player and multiplayer VR hangouts for up to six players, and as Kaplan revealed, you can invent your own games while in the bar:

During development, it’s been awesome to see players and testers invent new games inside SportsBarVR… from impromptu baseball (by swinging at bottles with pool cues), to tower building competitions with books, chairs, and dominoes. It’s been awesome to rapidly react to what we see players wanting, and we’re so excited to continue learning from our players and improving SportsBarVR post-release as we have our previous game. Seeing six players all in a fiercely precise game of darts, or everyone heckling one another in a heated match of skeeball just continues to show us the power of social VR and how one player’s fun brings up the level of enjoyment for everyone around them!

A price for the PlayStation VR version of SportsBarVR wasn’t given.

[Source: PS Blog]