Rime Developer Denies Development Issues, Talks Sony Split

Few games make as impressive a debut as Rime did at gamescom 2013. Upon seeing the gorgeous looking PlayStation 4 title, fans were instantly excited about Tequila Works’ latest game. Since then, the studio has parted ways with Sony (who was set to publish the title), and rumors of a troubled development have spread as the game got pushed into 2017.

Tequila Works’ José Herráez, who handles the indie developer’s PR, says that isn’t the case. In an interview with Gaming Bolt, Herráez stated that “the game is progressing perfectly.” That perfect progress won’t result in more information this year, although he did state that more gameplay and platform availability will be announced “very early next year.”

Herráez was also asked about the split from Sony, which he claimed came down to a simple decision. “We decided that having the IP rights for one of our properties, and a game that was always conceived and planned, and dreamt of by Tequila Works, should remain in house,” said Herráez. “And that was why we reacquired the rights to the IP, and we came to this agreement with Sony, it was all on friendly terms. And of course, you know this industry has a lot of gossip and rumors, but really, that’s it. It’s not a complicated story.”

While the interview isn’t likely to entirely kill the rumors surrounding the adventure title, it’s nice to see Tequila Works publicly talking about the subject. Rime is expected to release on PlayStation 4 and other platforms in 2017.

(Source: Gaming Bolt)