Wattam Releasing Late 2017, No Longer Sony Exclusive

Funomena founder Robin Hunicke has revealed that Wattam will no longer be a PlayStation exclusive. The news comes the way of an interview that Hunicke did with VentureBeatWattam made some waves when it was initially announced at the 2014 edition of the PlayStation Experience due to the game being the next project from Noby Noby Boy and Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi.

Other information that came out during the interview revealed that the exploration-focused game won’t be coming out until late next year. “Wattam will come out further into next year, probably,” said Hunicke. “We haven’t announced a ship date yet. That’ll be on the PlayStation 4 and some other platforms as yet unannounced.”

Wattam is Keita Takahashi’s first console game since 2009’s Noby Noby Boy. He rose to prominence while working for Namco, and was the director of Katamari Damacy and its sequel We Love Katamari. Since then, he’s designed several experimental PC games including Glitch with Vancouver studio Tiny Speck, and ALPHABET with Adam Saltsman (a game that supports up to 26 players). He’s certainly stayed busy since leaving Namco, and this collaboration with Funomena is his latest endeavor.

So, while players will have to wait a while to play Wattam, at least they’ll know that they are going to get quite a strange game once it finally releases in 2017. Now to play the waiting game, and to figure out what consoles it’ll be coming to other than PlayStation 4.

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(Source: Venture Beat via Gematsu)