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Katamari Damacy Creator’s Wattam Finally Has a Release Date

Keita Takahashi’s newest title, Wattam, finally has a release window, and it looks as though it may be set in stone this time. The Katamari Damacy creator’s upcoming project will come to the PlayStation 4 later in the year on an unspecified date in December.

News of Wattam’s impending launch went live during Sony’s September 2019 State of Play broadcast, and fans were treated to a brand-new gameplay trailer. Check out the new look at Wattam in the video down below:

During an explosion long ago, the whimsical world of Wattam was thrust across the galaxy. In an attempt to return the world and its inhabitants home, the Mayor needs all the help they can muster. The object is to build towards Wattam’s successful return home, with aid from a wide variety of colorful characters, such as Sushi and Cloud.

Throughout the experience, players will befriend these characters, of which there are over 100. Each one is unique, from the strawberry to another character that resembles a nose. When all is said and done, hopefully a number of interesting bonds will form.

Wattam’s original announcement arrived during PSX 2014. At the time, it was expected to launch on the PlayStation 4 in 2016. By 2016, however, the slated launch date had shifted to sometime in 2017. Until yesterday, not much had been heard about the title since 2017’s PlayStation Experience event.

Wattam wasn’t the only title to finally have its release date unveiled during State of Play. The Last of Us Part II’s new trailer also ended with launch details. Naughty Dog’s highly-anticipated sequel will hit stores in February 2020.

[Source via Polygon]