playstation state of play review

Watch Sony’s PlayStation State of Play Right Here – The Last of Us Part II, More New Game Reveals

Sony’s finally holding another State of Play live stream, the company’s answer to Nintendo Directs and Microsoft’s own Xbox streams. You can watch today’s State of Play right here at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern. We know for certain that The Last of Us Part II will have a major part, hopefully including Naughty Dog finally announcing a release date for the game. There have been a lot of teases, as well as a big event allowing the press to get their hands on Joel and Ellie’s latest adventure. We also know that Sony is not using this State of Play to talk about next-gen. While I wouldn’t expect the console to be announced in a small little live stream like this, Sony is at least setting expectations so people don’t get their hopes up.

Other teases include a possible reveal of the new Batman game to come from WB, though there’s also a chance that would be part of today’s Xbox stream instead. WB does have a strong relationship with Microsoft after all, similar to Activision’s relationship with Sony. That said, it’s entirely possible we could see something related to Modern Warfare in the State of Play, given Call of Duty’s penchant for showing up in Sony streams, broadcasts, and press conferences this gen.

Today’s State of Play comes with an all new format and a longer running time of 20 minutes, up from the traditionally brief 10 minute shows we’ve had in the past. You can get a look at all the action in the Twitch embed below:

Have any predictions for today’s State of Play?