Videos Show How to Set Up PlayStation VR, Sony Warns of Bright Lights

October 10, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

To help make sure you’re ready for PlayStation VR on October 13, Sony has released three videos detailing how to properly set up the headset. In Part 1, Unpacking, they go through everything included in the box: a Quick Start guide, the PSVR headset, the Processor unit, the stereo headphones, and all necessary cables.

Part 2, Getting Connected, explains how to connect your PlayStation VR to your PlayStation 4. First asking you to have your PlayStation Camera connected to your PS4, and your PS4 connected to a TV, they then say to disconnect the HDMI from your PS4 and plug it into the Processor unit. Then, use the PSVR HDMI cable to connect the Processor unit to your PS4. You also need to connect your PS4 to the Processor unit with the included USB cable.

Once that’s all set, you’ll need to plug the Processor unit into a wall outlet with the AC adaptor. Then, slide back the front right side of the Processor unit to open the VR headset connection cable ports, plug the cable in, then slide the cover back. The other end of this cable plugs into the VR headset’s cord. Finally, plug in the stereo headphones (if you don’t want to use other headphones) to the in-line remote.

When you’re done all of this, turn the TV on, then your PS4, then PlayStation VR. If everything’s done properly, the tracking lights on the back of the headset will begin glowing blue.

Part 3, Entering Virtual Reality, explains how to set up the PlayStation Camera and your play area of 6 feet x 10 feet. If you happen to leave the play area during gameplay, a pop-up warning will appear asking you to return to the play area.

After showing you how to adjust the scope and headband at 2:13, the video continues at 2:57 by saying you’ll need to do some initial adjustments (a little friend will walk you through it) when the headset is plugged in for the first time. To re-calibrate or change the settings afterwards, press and hold the PS Button on the DualShock 4 to bring up the Quick Menu, then click on Adjust PlayStation VR.

In the updated PlayStation VR FAQ, Sony warns of bright lights and mirrors interfering with headset:

Q: Does the room need to be dark when I play PS VR?

Ambient lighting will generally not affect PS VR gameplay. Bright light sources directly behind the person using PS VR, lights coming in from windows and room lights, and lights reflecting off mirrors can interfere with the PS Camera and interrupt the tracking of the LED lights on the headset. It is recommended to eliminate bright light sources behind the PS VR player.

Q: I heard that mirrors and shiny surfaces can be a problem when using PS VR. Is that true?

Yes, the PS Camera is expecting to see only a single set of tracking LEDs. Mirrors that are in the view of the PS Camera will confuse the tracking. Smaller shiny surfaces are generally fine, but if you have problems with tracking performance then these may be contributing to the issue.

The FAQ also says you can adjust the PSVR headset’s Screen Brightness, Cinematic Mode Screen Size, Measure Eye-to-Eye Distance, and Adjust Tracking Lights settings under Devices in the PS4’s Settings section.

[Source: PS Blog]