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Metro Developer 4A Game Hints at New Console Title

A few months ago, Metro developer 4A Games confirmed that it was working on two new projects, with the teasers for one of them dropping in September. Based on the teaser images, people guessed right that it would be a VR title but when 4A officially confirmed ARKTIKA.1, a AAA VR shooter for Oculus Touch, a lot of fans seemed disappointed. The studio has now taken to its official website to reveal that it is indeed working on another project simultaneously and reading between the lines, it’s going to be a console/PC game.

It’s clear that some of you really like the look of ARKTIKA.1, and we’ll talk about that a bit more below – but we also see some of you were… maybe a bit disappointed. Perhaps you prefer traditional PC / console games, and maybe you were hoping we’d announce… something else!

So let me say again – ARKTIKA.1 is one of TWO projects in development right now. It’s not holding the other project up – with our new Malta studio we are a much bigger team, and it is better for us to have multiple projects, for our own independence and creativity. We’re not ready to talk about the other project just yet, but we think you’ll like it. So please be patient!

Whether it’s a new Metro game or not remains to be seen.

[Source: 4A Games]

(Note: the image above is from Metro Redux)