Skylanders Imaginators Has Microtransactions

The UK PlayStation Store has revealed that the latest entry in Activision’s ultra-popular Skylanders series will have microtransactions. This is actually a first for the franchise, as previously the monetization model has revolved around selling characters in the form of toys. Now, Skylanders Imaginators players will be able to purchase three types of treasure chests in the game for varying prices.

The least expensive is the game’s Copper Chest at £1.69, while the Mystery Chest is £3.99. The most expensive is the Platinum Chest, which costs £7.99. All of these will grant the player creation pieces (such as weapons and gear), which players can use to customize their characters.

Here’s the listing for the most expensive in-app purchase, which is the £7.99 Platinum Chest:

Expand your possibilities for creation with the Platinum Chest! The Platinum Chest contains a random mix of 20 Creation Pieces such as Weapons, Imaginator Parts and Gear. The Platinum Chest includes at least 1 Rare, 5 Epic and 7 Ultimate Creation Pieces (at least 3 of which will be Weapons).

The page also notes that players can end up getting duplicate items that will then be used to strengthen existing creation pieces. So paying £7.99 won’t guarantee players that they’ll be getting something new.

While this is something new for the Skylanders series, it’s almost surprising that it didn’t happen sooner. The franchise has been a cash cow for Activision, and it only makes sense to monetize it aggressively beyond all of the toys.

The flip side is that parents will have to watch their wallets more closely starting next week as Skylanders Imaginators launches October 16 in North America. Parents in the UK should already be worried as it launched today in Europe.

(Source: PlayStation Store via Games Asylum)