Akiba’s Beat English Dub is the Biggest in XSEED’s History, Cast Revealed

At the AkibaFest this weekend, XSEED Games confirmed that its upcoming action RPG, Akiba’s Beat, will be getting an English dub and dual voice. Apparently, this will be the “biggest” dub in the company’s history with almost 22,000 loops. We’re also told that a vast majority of the dialog will be voiced.

“We worked with tons of talented to make this happen,” wrote XSEED. The cast is as follows:

Asahi Tachibana – Chris Patton

Saki Hoshino – Erica Mendez

Riyu Momose – Tia Ballard

Yamato Hongo – Robbie Daymond

Kotomi Sanada – Cherami Leigh Kuehn

Reiji Shinomiya – Edward Bosco

Mizuki Aihara – Ray Chase

Pinkun – Brittney Karbowski

Boss – Mick Wingert

Kanon – Todd Haberkorn

And this is just scratching the surface since there are at least 180 voiced roles, according to Localization Editor Kris Knigge who also revealed that he’s been working on the project for the past two months.

Perhaps, that’s one of the reasons why the game was delayed to Q1 2017.

[Source: Kris Knigge, XSEED Games (Twitter)]