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London Detective Mysteria release date

Here’s When London Detective Mysteria Comes Ashore on Vita Island

Look, you can either support sexy Jack the Ripper or leave Vita Island. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

Gungrave VR release date

Gungrave VR Unleashes Actual Bullet Hell This December

Gungrave is back from, well, you know.

Fate Extella Link Special Editions

Fate/Extella Link Will Have Two Decked Out Special Editions in Europe

Mahjong tiles included.

xseed localization

Two XSEED Localization Producers Have Suddenly Left the Company

Tom Lipschultz was vocal during the recent Senran Kagura controversy.

senran kagura burst renewal intimacy mode

XSEED Producer Says Cancelling Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Over Censorship Issue Would Hurt Devs

Cancellation would result in a financial disaster.

senran kagura burst renewal intimacy mode

Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Delayed to Remove Intimacy Mode

RIP Intimacy Mode.

fate extella link special edition

Fate/Extella Link Comes Together With Standard and Special Editions

Xseed is all about those extra goodies.

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash DLC

XSEED Drops new Swimsuit DLC for Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

Combat swimwear. Sure. Why not?

london detective mysteria

Otome Visual novel London Detective Mysteria Coming to Vita

New Vita game!

earth defense force iron rain delayed

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Delayed in Japan to 2019

Not that Earth Defense Force. The other Earth Defense Force.

gungrave vr western release

XSEED and Marvelous Reaches Beyond the Grave for Their First VR Western Release

This will take the PlayStation VR action to gravely proportions.

Fate Extella Link trailer 2nd

Experience 10 New Servants As Fate/EXTELLA Link Gets A Western Release

Players can now experience the headache inducing twists and turns of the Fate series, complete with an extra long title!

Peach Beach Splash DLC

The Ladies of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Join Peach Beach Splash

It’s a pretty fitting crossover!

peach beach splash trailer

Two New Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Trailers Show Off Girls in Bikinis

Meet the girls from Gessen Academy and Hanzō National Academy.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Gets New Trailer

Coming West in 2018.

Here’s What XSEED Is Bringing to This Year’s E3

Peach Beach Splash!

Say Hello to the Maids of Akiba’s Beat in New Trailer

The maids are here!

Akiba’s Beat Trophies Revealed

More trophy challenges to beat!