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XSEED Is Bringing Granblue Fantasy: Versus to North America

Granblue Fantasy: Versus is officially coming to North America, courtesy of XSEED Games. Though it doesn’t have a release date yet, it should be out in the near future. Excitingly, it will even be playable at E3 2019 for anyone attending the show!

Developed by Cygames and Arc System Works, Granblue Fantasy: Versus is a brand new fighting game set in the Granblue Fantasy universe. Though it is designed for Granblue Fantasy fans, you do not necessarily have to have played the original title to join the action. As Granblue Fantasy has only been released in Japan (though it is playable in English), releasing Versus in North America can expose the title to an even wider audience.

Fans first got to get a taste of the fighting fun with the recent Granblue Fantasy: Versus closed beta. However, now that we have confirmation that it will be fully playable at E3 2019, even more players will be able to experience this highly-anticipated title. Featuring both single-player and multiplayer play, the demo will give players five fighters to choose from. It will be located at the XSEED booth, and will be present for the duration of the show.

XSEED has also blessed us with some juicy screenies showing off Granblue Fantasy: Versus in action:

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the general public will be able to play Granblue Fantasy: Versus, as it doesn’t even have a release date in Japan yet. We do know that Cygames has been hoping for simultaneous worldwide releases for its Granblue games. However, the announcement explicitly stated a 2019 release for Japan, while a North American launch date will be announced later. Hopefully, now that we have confirmation that the fighting title will be at E3, we’ll get more concrete release information.

With the news that XSEED is publishing Granblue Fatnasy: Versus in the West, it seems likely that it’ll be publishing Granblue Fantasy: Relink, as well. However, we’ll have to wait and see if the publisher will be putting its weight behind the recently Platinum-free project. And if you’re new to the whole Granblue Fantasy franchise, be sure to brush up on our quick primer.

Are you excited that Granblue Fantasy: Versus is coming West? And will you be playing it at E3? Let us know!