Granblue Fantasy PS4 Games Will Soar Throughout the World Simultaneously

Cygames has confirmed it is planning to release Granblue Fantasy Versus and Granblue Fantasy Relink worldwide, complete with simultaneous release dates. Twinfinite spoke to the games’ director, Tetsuya Fukuhara, at Granblue Fes 2018 in December, and he confirmed the news to them. Both games are slated to come out in 2019.

More information about the release dates were also revealed. Granblue Fantasy Relink possibly releasing in 2018 was previously the internal goal for the studio. However, the rendering of the 3D models—from the series’ 2D origins—for the world’s backgrounds are taking longer than expected. There is currently no release date, as CyGames doesn’t want to delay it again.

Granblue Fantasy Relink is a PS4 exclusive JRPG set in the universe of the popular mobile game series. Boasting striking visuals, this game takes place in a world with islands floating on a sea of clouds. Played with either single player or four player co-op, you fight alongside several allies to protect Lyria from primal beasts.

The title was previously a partnership between PlatinumGames and Cygames, but the latter company has taken over full development of the project. Cygames asserted fans that it will meet their expectations, despite the disbandment.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is a fighting game from Dragon Ball FighterZ developer Arc System Works, with a planned release in 2019 and a game designed for beginners of the genre. The skills, abilities, and key phrases from the original mobile title will be included in the game. There will also be influences from the anime, to add more personality to the main protagonist, Gran.