Granblue Fantasy Versus is Designed for Beginners

Over the weekend, mobile giant Cygames flexed even more of its muscles by announcing a new fighting game based on its infamous Granblue Fantasy mobile game. Bolstered by a partnership with the renowned Arc System WorksGranblue Fantasy Versus looks to have the same secret sauce behind it that powers Dragon Ball FighterZ and Guilty Gear Xrd. However, based on a Famitsu interview with Granblue Fantasy franchise director Tetsuya Fukuhara, those looking for another hardcore fighting game might want to take some time to read the fine print on this one.

While the interview doesn’t suggest that Granblue Fantasy Versus will be abandoning the hardcore fighting game players in favor of exclusively catering to the series’ mobile fanbase, it does sound like we’re dealing with a different kind of fighter. To get it out of the way first, Fukuhara does say that there will be “action and strategic depth” for fans coming in with skill, but that this won’t be a very combo-centric game. In fact, all special moves will be accessible with a single button press. This is because the developers want fans of the original Granblue Fantasy smartphone game to be able to enjoy the game, along with fighting game newcomers. The game’s speed is also described as “moderate,” which is certainly a change of pace for Arc System Works.

Of course, much of the game is meant to adapt the original source material in some way, including various in-game effects mirroring key phrases from the original, as well as skills and character abilities. A little of the anime is being mixed in as well, specifically pertaining to protagonist Gran, who is more of a blank slate in the mobile game.

Other details in the interview include a story mode being a big part of the game, development being at roughly 60 percent at the time of the interview, and complicated maneuvers like juggling and aerials only being in Granblue Fantasy Versus in limited capacity. You can see the full translation of the interview at Gematsu, via our source link under the gallery.

[Source: Gematsu]