Got a Beta Code? Learn the Ropes With the Granblue Fantasy: Versus Player’s Guide

Did you get an invite code for the Granblue Fantasy: Versus closed beta test this weekend? I did, and I’m totally stoked. Codes started going out earlier today, so check your email if you haven’t already. If you did get in, you may be like me, looking forward to getting your grimy mitts on Arc System Works’ latest fighter, but worried about learning how to play in a live environment. After all, getting bodied while trying to understand how the game works isn’t exactly the best way to have fun. Luckily for us, along with the beta codes and client downloading, Arc System Works has also launched a Granblue Fantasy: Versus Player’s Guide page, which provides some solid info on how this bad boy handles.

As the folks involved with creating Granblue Fantasy Versus have spoken of before, this game is meant to bring in fans of the original mobile game, and not necessarily be a hardcore, competitive fighting game. To that end, based on checking out the controls, we’re looking at a much simpler game compared to what Arc System Works usually has to offer. While things like auto combos have been a part of the formula since Persona 4 Arena, here we’re looking at a much smaller move list for each character, as well as a dedicated block button, and an intriguing new dodge mechanic. In addition to that, there’s a dedicated shortcut button to perform special moves more easily, which also includes super moves, or in this case Skybound Arts.

The option to play Granblue Fantasy: Versus more traditionally (with quarter-circles) is also on the table, and as such the Player’s Guide also includes full move lists for each of the characters available in the closed beta. This will certainly be a handy tool to keep on hand this weekend, and the landing page even has a QR code you can scan to get to it easily. Good luck, folks!

Source: Official Website