These Two Upcoming Games Have Betas Later This Month, Code Vein and Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Two of 2019’s upcoming video games will be giving a handful of players a chance to jump in and play the game early. They are both closed betas, and as such are not a complete representation of what the game will look or play like upon release. They should, however, at least give you an idea of some of the game’s core components to decide if it’s something you’d like to play down the line. Closed betas also allow the developer to fine tune things before launch so that it’s a smooth experience for everyone. Here are the two anime game closed betas coming later in May.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Closed Beta

Based off of the 2014 mobile game, Granblue Fantasy: Versus takes the series’ characters and turn-based battles and refreshes them with fantastic 3D art and real-time battles. I have to say the visuals in this game look incredible! Almost like a mix of the most recent Tales games and Fire Emblem. Read more about it in our extensive Granblue Fantasy 101.

The closed beta will take place from May 31st to June 1st, so make sure to leave yourself open those days because it is a very limited window to play the game. Anyone eager to jump into Granblue Fantasy: Versus‘ closed beta simply needs to visit the game’s official website. Registration needs to be completed by May 23rd at 11 pm (PDT) / May 24th at 6 am (GMT). Those selected to take part in the closed beta will be notified via email.

Code Vein Network Test

I know the Code Vein has been described as Dark Souls meets anime a hundred times now, but there really is no better way to describe it. Players assume the role of a soldier brought back from the dead as he faces a legion of monsters that are trying to cut out his heart. The story looks to scratch every itch of an anime plot, from the complex looking narrative to the deeply developed characters.

To take part in the private Code Vein network test, register over Bandi Namco’s website. There is no dates and times officially announced for the test, but a press release from Bandai Namco indicates that it will take place sometime this month. Upon completing registration for the network test, players are encouraged to “Stay tuned to your inbox for more details.”

These two stellar looking titles, in addition to several other anime games coming out, sure make 2019 look to be one of the best years for the fusion of anime and gaming. Do you plan on jumping into one (or both) of these closed betas? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Arc System Works and Bandai Namco]