Limited Run Games Is Bringing Us Physical Copies of London Detective Mysteria

Limited Run Games, the last champion of the PlayStation Vita, will be selling yet another game for the teflon-coated handheld. The latest physical release from the fan-favorite company will be London Detective Mysteria, an otome visual novel that first appeared on the PlayStation Portable in 2013. Mark your calendars now, as it will go on sale on May 31, 2019 and supplies will be limited.

If you’re unfamiliar, London Detective Mysteria features some of the most notable characters in history, both real and fictional. You’ll see figures inspired by the works of iconic mystery authors Author Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, as well as real-life figures like Jack the Ripper. It originally released on the PlayStation Portable in 2013, but was later ported to the Vita in 2016, making its way to the West for the first time in 2018.

You play as Emily, who is training to become a detective in 19th century London. You’ll get to encounter the descendants of literary mainstays like Jane Marple and Sherlock Holmes. Of course, this being an otome, you’ll get to romance some of these acquaintances, for better or worse. There’s also a murder to solve. Obviously. If you want to know how we felt about it, be sure to check our review.

Sales of London Detective Mysteria will begin on May 31st, promptly at 10 AM EST. As usual with Limited Run Games, there will also be a second batch of copies going on sale at 6 PM EST. As physical copies of Vita games (and Vita games in general, sadly) continue to wane, we don’t know how much more releases we’ll see from Limited Run Games. However, we do know that Limited Run Games will have a presence at E3, with a press conference of its own. It’ll likely (read: definitely) be the only place where the Vita has a presence, so it will definitely be a must-watch for fans of the handheld.

[Source: Twitter]