Neverwinter Update Today on PS4 & Xbox One Adds Storm King’s Thunder, Much More

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have released a new Neverwinter update today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that adds the Storm King’s Thunder expansion and much more for free.

After many PS4 players were unable to start Neverwinter following the update (error code CE-38612-0), the Neverwinter Twitter account said, “While some players are currently able to get in to #NWPS4, we’re aware of the current error and are working with Sony to resolve it.” They then added, “Reinstalling the game may work for some #NWPS4 adventurers, but please note, it may take a while depending on connection speed. In the meantime, we may also discover a quicker resolution to this issue. If you choose to reinstall, know that it may take a while.”

As the patch notes for today’s Neverwinter update show, you’ll find Storm King’s Thunder, as well as Guild Alliances, Sword Coast Chronicle, and much more:

New Campaign

  • The new end-game campaign for Storm King’s Thunder is broken down into three parts, each unlocking a new adventure zone. When all three zones are cleared, players will have access to the dungeon on Fangbreaker Island.

Three New Adventure Zones

  • Bryn Shander – Adventurers must visit this remote settlement in Icewind Dale to save its inhabitants from attackers.
  • Lonelywood – After clearing Bryn Shander, players will move on to the town of Lonelywood, where they will fight off trolls and other beasts.
  • Cold Run – The last adventure zone is the frigid coastline of Cold Run, where adventurers will come face to face with the mighty frost giants.

New Tier 3 Dungeon

  • Adventurers will need to complete the new Storm King’s Thunder campaign and equip their characters with high-level gear in order to access Fangbreaker Island, the most difficult five-player dungeon in the game.

Class Balance Adjustments

  • In an ongoing effort to maintain balance for Neverwinter, we’ve made major adjustment to three classes, the Hunter Ranger, Scourge Warlock and Guardian Fighter.

New Bosses and Enemies

  • Besides defending the land from frost giants, players will fight off swarms of arctic beasts, as well as three new bosses who rule over Fangbreaker Island.

The Maze Engine: Guild Alliances (PS4)

  • Guilds of all sizes can form alliances with one another to strengthen their strongholds, team up to level them faster and earn better rewards for both guilds.

Sword Coast Chronicle (PS4)

  • Quality of life update to guide players towards end-game campaigns, completing heroic deeds along the way.

For full details on every single change in the update today, head over here.

If you’ve yet to download Neverwinter for PS4, it’s available for free from the PlayStation Store and doesn’t require PlayStation Plus.

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