Launch Discount and Other Details for Amnesia: Collection Revealed

Frictional Games revealed that Amnesia: Collection is coming to PS4 earlier this week, but now they’ve given more details about the November 22 release. One of the biggest tidbits comes down to the price. While it was known that the compilation (which includes Amnesia: The Dark Descent (and its DLC Justine) and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs) would cost $29.99, they have revealed that it will have a 10% discount for PS+ members at launch. The exact timeframe wasn’t given, but expect the discount to last “the first couple of weeks.”

They also revealed that the game will “look and sound exactly the same as on PC” aside from minor changes to the menus and GUI to make it more playable on a television. A physical copy might be in the works as they’ve had publishers express interest, but nothing is set in stone. They also revealed that the collection’s PS4 exclusivity was due to the Frictional Games already being familiar with the PS4 (due to developing SOMA), and that they only had the resources to handle one platform at a time. They did express interest in bringing it to Microsoft players, however.

Technical details were also given on their blog:

All games will be 1080p. The Dark Descent and Justine will run at 60 fps. We are having some performance issues with A Machine for Pigs and might have to settle with 30 fps for it. Our porting team is working hard to get it up to 60 fps though, but we cannot promise we can do it.

Finally, the developer revealed that VR support is not planned for the horror games. “It would require substantial re-engineering, not to mention redesign of the gameplay,” says Frictional Games. It’s nice to see a developer be so upfront about the realities of development and that virtual reality can’t just be slapped on like some consumers think.

(Source: Frictional Games)