Levels of Game Time Tracking Obsession

Not every console game has an in-game clock that times exactly how long you have been playing a game. Nintendo consoles have an Activity Log app so you can check your particular states for game times, and Steam logs every second you are in a game. But when it comes to PlayStation games, if there’s an in-game clock at all, it’s attached to your save file. Your save file will either have long you have played, or the date and time of your last save.

If you don’t care about how long you’ve played a game, or don’t care how long a game takes, whether your save file has the in-game time log or the saving timestamp means next to nothing to you. If someone asked you how long it took you to complete a game like Uncharted 4, you might say, “I dunno, somewhere around 10 hours I guess.” But then there are those, like me, who want to know how long it takes to play a game, especially when it comes to those long RPGs. Thanks to the in-game clock, I can tell you I spent exactly 75 hours and 12 minutes to complete Lost Odyssey. Is that important? Of course not! It simply feeds into my own personal OCD I have with video games. It personally drives me bonkers when PlayStation games don’t include an in-game clock. I’m supposed to keep track of this in my head? Or I need to estimate? But…but…HOW WILL I KNOW HOW LONG I’VE BEEN PLAYING THIS GAME?

It’s a problem, I know.

Of course, we don’t all just vary from one extreme to the other. Not everyone is as crazy as me, and not everyone cares as little as the other side of spectrum. In fact, I’m not even the most extreme type on this side of the wall. These are the ranges of gamer feelings on the existence of an in-game clock tracking every minute spent on a particular title.

So where do you fall in this spread? Share ’em in the comments.

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