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Top 10 Distractions in RPGs

Role-playing games are known for being massive, meaty experiences that will consume at least 30-40 hours of your life, and that’s low-balling the estimate. That low of an estimate is often only achievable via taking the critical path only (also called crit-pathing) through the main campaign with no deviations. But that’s hardly doing an RPG justice, now isn’t it? The point is to actually role-play and that means taking on various tasks to level up the character and let their alignment and personality shine. In video games, this is done best with several distractions, which can also be known as padding for the game. How else can you get your game take 150 hours? Add in plenty of extra things to do!

We’ve compiled our top ten distractions found in RPGs, and yes, many of them have been around to serve as padding since the beginning of RPG history in video games. These are the reasons that you will spend six hours doing nothing in the main story. These are the reasons why you will backtrack across regions and dungeons. And these are the reasons why it is so incredibly boring to watch other people play RPGs.

Did we miss any distractions that keep you glued to the controller for hours? What’s your top distractions in JRPGs? Let us know in the comments.

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