PSN Down Worldwide, Cites Error Code CE-33987-0

Update (8:00 a.m. ET): PSN seems to be back up! Go play to your heart’s content, people!

Original Story: While Sony has said that a scheduled PSN maintenance is set to happen on October 25 from 10:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., it seems it hasn’t gone back up in the allocated time frame. Turning on your PS4 now will give you a maintenance message, as well as an error code of “CE-33987-0,” which stands for a network timeout.

Internet connection test error
You may have a problem connecting to PlayStation Network (“PSN”) as your network connection has timed out during the PSN sign-in process. 
Step 1: Perform an Internet connection test by going to [Settings] > [Network] > [Test Internet Connection] to confirm you can connect to the network.
Step 2: If you’re still unable to connect, try resetting your local network connection by powering off your modem and/or router and waiting 5 minutes before turning it back on.
Step 3: If this hasn’t helped, you may need to update your router’s firmware.  Please contact your router manufacturer or Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) for assistance if required.  If you’re still experiencing difficulties, please try again later as the server may be experiencing high traffic.


Checking the official PSN Status page, it states, ” Some services are experiencing issues.” Checking on the PS4 subreddit, users are confirming that yes,the network is down. The Ask PlayStation Twitter has yet to give an update on PSN being down, but most likely, it will soon.

Unfortunately, this is the second time PSN is down in just a few days. Hopefully, Sony gets this resolved soon, so gamers can get back to playing games online.

Is PSN down for you? Leave a comment below and tell us where you’re from. We’ll update the post as it develops.

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