Why Buy PS4 Pro Without Owning a 4K TV?

The next upgrade to the PlayStation 4, the PS4 Pro, is launching in just a matter of weeks! With PlayStation VR already out, it’s a crazy time to be a PlayStation fan, especially if you’re a gadget junkie. I have this incredible urge to pick up a PS4 Pro, but the pragmatic side of me (it appears every once in a while, the jerk) keeps pointing out that I have no reason to buy a PS4 Pro. My PlayStation 4 works just fine, I’m not getting PSVR, and the real kick in the pants is the lack of a 4K TV. The 4K TVs are coming down in price, so the thought of adding this gadget to my ever-growing collection isn’t as far fetched as it once was. But the reality is, most TVs cost nearly twice as much as a PS4 Pro, so it’s more feasible to get a PS4 Pro before taking the 4K TV plunge.

But why bother getting a PS4 Pro at all if you don’t have a 4K TV? Isn’t that the point; to take advantage of the new technology with current PS4 games?

I put this very question to my fellow staff here, hoping that they would tell me I’m an idiot for even considering such a venture. Instead, they all brought up numerous points as to why the 4K TV is just the icing on the cake.

Stable Frame Rate

As Sony has said that all past PS4 games will be able to provide PS4 Pro support, you can expect that nearly your entire PS4 library will gain PS4 Pro support at some point. Thus far, only two games have confirmed that they won’t receive a PS4 Pro support upgrade: Destiny and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. All future PS4 games will have to provide PS4 Pro support in additional to standard PS4 compatibility. But by purchasing a PS4 Pro, you will ensure a stable frame rate at a minimum of 30 frames-per-second (fps) for all PS4 Pro supported games. Depending upon the PS4 Pro support the developer provides, the games could additionally be bumped up to a guaranteed 1080p. Users who want to at least be able to run their games at 1080p on their HD TVs with a steady frame rate will find that support with a PS4 Pro.

Only PS4 Pro Can Take Advantage of Full Graphical Upgrades

As mentioned above, only the PS4 Pro can promise guaranteed 1080p resolution at a solid 30fps. Games that haven’t released yet for the PS4 will be required to provide PS4 Pro support, and since this tech will be available before the game goes gold, many of these games will have PS4 Pro-only support for 1080p/60fps. Chances are, if resolution and frame rate are already so important to you for console gaming, then you already do have a 4K TV. However, if a 4K TV is not in the cards at the moment, then at least there are ways to unlock your current TV’s full potential with the PS4 Pro.

Don’t take it from me, though. Take it from an official Sony rep:

HDTV owners will also be able to enjoy the enhanced gameplay experiences on PS4 Pro, as the system delivers 1080p resolution for all PS4 games and higher or more stable frame rates for some supported titles.

Will Enhance PSVR


I have no interest in PSVR, but I know I’m in the minority for this fantastic technology. And yes, it is absolutely fantastic. I was a major skeptic until I tried VR for myself. I am a believer in the tech for sure, but unfortunately for me, it triggers my vertigo in the worst way so it’s a no go for me personally. But for those of you who can handle VR and want PSVR, either now or eventually, then the PS4 Pro is the way to go for your purchase.

The PS4 Pro was built with PSVR in the forefront of Sony’s minds, and as such, it was created to better perform with PSVR than the standard PS4. Developers again have the option to bump up the frame rate with PS4 Pro support for PSVR titles, which allows the frame rate to go up to 120fps if supported. Future PSVR games will be developed with required PS4 Pro support, meaning future PSVR games will release in far higher graphical quality than they are required to do so now.

Get a PS4 Pro Now, Be Ready for That 4K TV Later

4K TVs are not nearly as expensive as they originally were, even 4K TVs with HDR (high dynamic range) capability. New technology always runs crazy expensive at the get go, but as the technology improves and becomes easier to make, the prices slowly drop. At the risk of aging myself, I remember when plasma TVs were a brand new thing and they sold for $12,000. Some 4K TVs run in the four digits, but nothing is currently close to those original plasma TV prices. The point is, they are dropping, so one day soon, they will be far more obtainable.

So which do you pick up first, the 4K TV or the PS4 Pro? Well, for now, the PS4 Pro is cheaper than a 4K TV and, as we’ve already nicely laid out for you, a PS4 Pro can improve your games now even with an HDTV. Already having the new console means you’re ready for that 4K TV when it finally reaches that price you can fit in your budget.

Yes, this is the weakest argument in the bunch, but it is still a valid argument.

And it looks like I might have talked myself into pre-ordering a PS4 Pro. Even my pragmatic side has run out of arguments against it, except for that little thing called money. Kind of need that regardless, with or without a 4K TV.

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