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PSLS Help Desk – How to Upgrade Your PS4 Hard Drive

When the PS4 was first announced, we were all stoked about the size of the hard drive. We didn’t need too much more than 500GB for the PS3, so surely that will be enough for this new console! Oh how foolish we all were. The PS4 games take a megaton of space, even if you’re using discs. It doesn’t take long before you’re playing Sophie’s Choice and determining what must be uninstalled to make room for the new shiny toy. We thought Sony learned their lesson, but then they announced the PS4 Slim with a 500GB hard drive as well. Even the PS4 Pro only has 1 TB of space available! Considering how much space these 4K and HDR compatible games will undoubtedly take, Sony still hasn’t learned their lesson fully.

Oh well. At least you can upgrade the hard drives. Before you tackle this task, you will need the following items and the realization that this is a far easier process than you think. Even if you’ve never held a screwdriver in your hands before, I promise you can do this DIY job. And you’ll feel like you can take on any DIY project after completing this one (but please don’t).

  • Your PS4 or PS4 Slim
  • 1 Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 2.5-inch SATA HDD (2 TB is the limit!)
  • 1 PC with an internet connection
  • 1 USB flash drive (with at least 8GB of free space)
  • 1 external hard drive with a USB connector

Upgrading PS4 Hard Drive

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