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EA Now Requires YouTubers and Streamers to Explicitly Disclose Sponsorships

It looks like Electronic Arts has set some new rules for YouTubers and Streamers (paid influencers), requiring them to properly and explicitly disclose their relationship with the company. As spotted by NeoGAF, EA’s German website recently published a news post announcing the new rules, which require influencers to use the hashtags #supportedbyEA and #advertisement for written content alongside watermarks/audio messages for video content.

Here’s a quick rundown of the rules courtesy of NeoGAF user w3bba:

  • EA requires now, by contract, the disclosure of sponsored content
  • There are two categories: #supportedbyEA and #advertisement
  • #supportedbyEA where EA has sponsored the access to a game (travel, press event, review copy, etc.) but no influence on the content of the creator
  • #advertisement is straight up advertisement for a game, with direct influence or material provided by EA
  • Content creators are required to use the hashtags #supportedbyEA or #advertisement to mark written content (Twitter, Facebook etc.)
  • Video content has to use either watermarks or a clear audio message in the beginning of the video, mentioning that the content is supported by EA or is an advertisement

This move comes months after FTC cracked down on Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for failing to properly disclose which Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor promotional videos were part of its influencer program.

What do our readers think of this?

[Source: EA (German) via NeoGAF]