Frontwing Wants to Bring More Visual Novels to the West

Publisher Frontwing is currently running a Kickstarter to bring Re: Sharin no Kuni to PC (and possibly Vita), and the studio has revealed that they are interested in bringing additional visual novels to North America. This was revealed when Frontwing held an AMA over at r/VisualNovels today in an attempt to reach out to the genre’s community.

Here’s what the official Frontwing account had to say on the matter:

We’d definitely love to work with AKABEi again! One of our Japanese staff members here at Frontwing particularly enjoyed Boku no Hitori Sensou, so it would be great if we got the opportunity to bring that or any other of their titles to the west.

Frontwing is definitely very much interested in localizing third-party titles, and it’s something we’re going to be investing a lot of time and effort into going forward!

As far as Re: Sharin no Kuni goes, the visual novel is just over halfway to meeting the goal for a PlayStation Vita port. Right now the Kickstarter sits at $60,547, which is about 20 grand away from its initial goal of $80,000. For a Vita version to be made, the Kickstarter will have to hit $120,000. That’s certainly possible, as there are still 27 days left to go.

They also mentioned plans for both a physical release and a potential timeframe for the Vita version:

If the stretch goal is met, our goal is to have the Vita port available, at latest, 2-3 months after the PC version, so worst-case scenario around the end of 2017. We’re tentatively planning to work with Limited Run Games for the production of the physical Vita version, and assuming that goes forward as planned, any Vita copies not sold through the campaign would be available from their online storefront!

This is certainly great news for visual novel fans, which continues to be a growing, yet still very niche, genre.

(Source: Reddit via DualShockers)