PS4 Dev Kit Crammed Full of Data From United Front Games Emerges

United Front Games officially closed its doors back in October, dousing any hopes for a Sleeping Dogs 2 in the process.

However, it appears one Reddit user has stumbled upon an old relic from the now-defunct developer in the form of a PS4 dev kit. Bought at a bankruptcy auction over the weekend by kaneda2004, screenshots pulled from the console’s user interface reveal that the machine in question is actually a Neo model used to engineer titles for the PS4 Pro. With over 800GB of data locked behind an expired DevKit license, perhaps even more interesting is the content still stored on the system itself, and we understand kaneda2004 has been reaching out to the likes of Assembler Games in an attempt to preserve the last remaining vestiges of United Front’s work.

Admirable though that may be, sharing content from a device that essentially belongs to Sony can incur legal ramifications, though at least at the time of writing, no further action has been taken. That’s largely because the licence, one which requires a routine 90-day renewal for security reasons, has since expired following United Front’s closure.


Does that 800GB stash represent a treasure trove containing the studio’s lost assets? Or is it simply forgotten digital junk? Alas, we’ll likely never know for sure.

[Source: Reddit via Kotaku]