P.T. Files Datamined, Unused Enemies Revealed

If you’re one of the many who played the now-famous P.T. demo and liked it, then you’re in for a treat! “Gaming Research” forum Xentax user “luxox18” has apparently been able to datamine P.T. and managed to find a few secrets.

Chief among those stuff found are two new enemies that weren’t seen in the demo. One is a bald man, while the other is a monstrous, one-legged creature with only one elongated arm and no head.



As someone who liked P.T. a lot, I so would have wanted to see these enemies in the demo. Maybe they were supposed to be part of Silent Hills? All we can do now is theorize, but that would have been something.

Do you think there’s still uncovered secrets in P.T.? What do you think of these unused enemies?

[Source: Xentax via NeoGAF]