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SEGA’s Altered Beast and Streets of Rage in Line for Movie and TV Adaptations

Looks like SEGA’s soul-searching isn’t limited to the video game industry.

Three weeks ago, we brought you the news that the publisher was gauging interest in its dormant IP, asking players which franchise(s) they’d like to see make a comeback. Now, Variety brings word that Stories International, a production house jointly owned by SEGA, has struck a deal with Circle of Confusion to bring about live-action adaptations of Streets of Rage and Altered Beast.

With credits on Fear the Walking Dead, Spare Parts, and more, Circle of Confusion will now work to adapt both cult classics into “major film and television franchises,” according to the company’s Lawrence Mattis, and Variety’s report notes that Golden Axe, Virtua Fighter, The House of the Dead, and Crazy Taxi are said to be in contention for the live-action treatment, too.

Mattis continued: “These are some of the most well loved SEGA games, and we are thrilled to be working with Stories to adapt them into major film and television franchises.”

What do our readers make of SEGA’s planned adaptations?

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