Learn to Live with Trico in New The Last Guardian TV Spot

The Last Guardian is finally out, but that doesn’t mean the game’s marketing has stopped. Quite the contrary, as Sony put out two videos today. The first one, which can be seen above, is a humorous The Last Guardian TV spot that discusses how a couple learned to live with Trico. It’s pretty hilarious, so check it out if you want a laugh.

Another, more serious, trailer was also put out today by PlayStation Europe. This one, which can be seen below, focuses on the companionship of Trico and the boy. Labelled “The Languge of Companionship,” the six minute video goes in-depth on how humans and animals grow together and relate without speaking the same language. It’s a really interesting video, and features Dr. David Sands speaking about the subject.

Check it out below:

It’s really interesting to see Sony promote The Last Guardian in two very different ways on the same day. It’s seemingly a polarizing game, so I guess it’s only fitting. If you’re on the fence about picking up the game, check out Anthony’s fantastic review. He awarded the title a score of 10/10 and had this to say:

In an industry where every developer packs in as many new features, as many modes, options, and configurations, The Last Guardian has no upgrades, no leveling, no add-on map packs, no RPG elements – it is an almost solitary experience, between nothing more than a boy, a beast, and the big world around them, yet it outshines nearly everything else. Video games as a market might demand the Call of Duty’s of the world to move units and put a spotlight on the industry through hype and marketing buzz, but video games as a medium deserves The Last Guardian.

Beautiful. In every way.

(Source: PlayStation)